andrea j. wang


information design, print

Dec 2022

Printed insert for a experimental compilation of “extinct sounds” on vinyl. ︎︎︎see more

for Dogbotic Studio

Show Branding
branding, video

Dec 2021

Design and art direction for 
NowThis original web shows. ︎︎︎see more

for NowThis News

NowThis News
digital design, illustration


Communicating newsworthy processes, data, and information for social media and web. ︎︎︎see more

branding, video

Feb 2022

Design and art direction for a political explainer web series. ︎︎︎see more

for NowThis News

ONE Condom Design
graphic design, illustration

Condom wrapper design playing with the concept of public transport facilitating human connection.
︎︎︎see more

client: ONE Condoms/personal project

plz come back soon <3