andrea j. wang


LUNAR Seltzer

brand identity, social content


Extension of existing brand identity for LUNAR, an Asian-American inspired hard seltzer. ︎︎︎see more

spec project

Platform Hotel

brand identity


The Platform Hotel is inspired by nostalgia for a grungier internet age. ︎︎︎see more

personal project

Do you even care about me?

poster design, illustration


Poster series capturing the heat of conversations that escalate out of control, taking drastic measures to get someone’s attention, and the frustration of not being able to get your point across. ︎︎︎see more

personal project

ONE Condom Design
graphic design, illustration

Condom wrapper design playing with the concept of public transport facilitating human connection.
︎︎︎see more

client: ONE Condoms/personal project

Design for COVID Relief 

layout, digital, illustration

Mar-Aug 2020

Addressing clinical and public health design needs during the pandemic, with Stanford Health Literacy Lab and COVID Creatives︎︎︎see more

clients: various (pro-bono)

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