andrea j. wang


NowThis News

Digital design, illustration

May 2021 — present

Selected work for NowThis News, a digital news media company. I work with a small design team and collaborate with motion designers and video producers to communicate newsworthy processes, policies, and data.
Art direction: Chris Carfolite, Linda Shirar
Motion design: Linda Shirar, Aaron Fernandez, Jovan Nedeljkovic

Design for Video

I discuss scripts and content with producers to come up with design and layout; then pass it to a motion designer that implements the animation.

The Connection Between Fracking and Plastics | One Small Step

Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell’s Defense? Narrated by Margaret Cho

Can Seaweed Save the Climate? | One Small Step

Maps, Graphs, Infographics

Animations: Activists Band Together to Stop Gerrymandering in Their Community | Emerson Collective

Misc. design

Branding/cover design for After the Uprising, a podcast with iHeart Radio

Editorial Illustration

What It’s Actually Like To Get Vaccinated For COVID-19 In America | NowThisNews.com


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