andrea j. wang


Design for COVID Relief 

layout, digital, illustration

Mar-Aug 2020

clients(pro-bono): Africa CDC, Stanford Univ., Weill Cornell Hospital
Addressing clinical and public health design needs during the pandemic, with Stanford Health Literacy Lab and COVID Creatives. I led the design for each of the projects below.

Antibody Testing Info Sheet

Santa Clara Dept. of Health
March 2020

Background: In early April, researchers at Stanford Health started conducting antibody tests (serosurveys) to research the prevalence of the COVID-19 virus in Santa Clara County.

Design brief: Create a document for study participants that explains the test and its importance, and is easily understandable for “low literacy” patients.

We simplified a large chunk of text into a more digestible Q&A format and added illustrations. The resulting document was translated into Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Vietnamese.

I worked with Stanford researchers on a study of COVID prevalence in jails, adapting the information for a flyer circulated in the Santa Clara County jail system.

COVID Home Care Guide
Weill Cornell Medicine

April 2020

Background: Requested by physicians at Weill Cornell Medicine (NYC). Many providers quickly started using remote “telemedicine” services to care for COVID patients.

Design brief: Create a reference guide for homebound COVID-positive individuals. The design should be understandable and engaging for people with low literacy skills.

I broke the text into digestible bullet points to increase clarity, and created icons to represent “emergency” symptoms and delineate other sections of the guide. A muted color palette creates a calming and reassuring feel.

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